Patio Homes

‘”I never have to worry about the roof and exterior of my home. It’s maintained by the HOA.”

Norma | Jadetree Court

“I’ve never enjoyed yard work, and now I have a well maintained and beautiful yard without any effort.”

Mickie | Jadetree Court

Hulon Greene Patio Homes occupy the quaint streets and cul-de-sacs that make up Hulon Greene.  Each with unique properties and features, our patio homes range in size from 1300-200o square feet and offer Two and Three bedroom floor plans.

Enjoy lounging in your yard, knowing there will never be a need for you to mow it.  All of the landscaping is on us. Leaking roof or chipping paint? No problem, we have you covered. We’ve taken all of the work and the worry out of home ownership, leaving you time to enjoy what’s important.  

Stroll to the clubhouse, socialize with neighbors and relax knowing you’re right in the heart of Hulon Greene. 


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